Every Liam Neeson Action Movie Ranked Worst To Best

15. Memory (2022)

Liam Neeson Taken 2
Open Road

In his most recent action caper Memory, Neeson portrays an aging hitman who, whilst suffering from onset dementia, races to avenge the life of a young girl he refused to kill. The results are a frustratingly simplistic crime procedural that gives no one involved anything to work with.

The idea of seeing Neeson playing a beaten assassin struggling with the torments of old age is an enticing one which, in more capable hands, could've been something truly special. Unfortunately, Neeson isn't given any room to breathe, his screen-time bafflingly overshadowed by Guy Pearce as a painfully boring FBI agent.

Memory is the work of a director who doesn't know a good thing when it slaps him in the face, sacrificing a unique story and capable cast for a movie that never once realises its true potential. Neeson himself is on solid enough form, too, which makes what surrounds him that much more infuriatingly dry.


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