Every Live-Action Superman Movie & TV Show Ranked

Ranking the most iconic superhero in history's filmography...

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Originating in 1938, Superman is the most iconic superhero in pop culture. His symbol can be recognised all around the globe and he is a centre piece of DC’s comic book trinity, alongside Batman and Wonder Woman.

With such great success comes a ton of adaptations for both the big and small screen. With a lifespan that has crossed 80 years, it’s safe to say that Superman’s time on the screen has been a bumpy road.

Journeying from an inspirational figure for children into a dark and brooding outsider, Superman has undergone many different variations on screen. This includes actor changes, tone changes, character changes, all the while still trying to maintain the essence of what makes Superman who he is.

Superman’s live action outings almost represent the character himself. Really good… but not indestructible. It's fair to say that there are a few flaws hidden below the surface.


15. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

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There is truly nothing redeemable about Christopher Reeve’s final outing as the Man of Steel. And that is sad to say.

Released in 1987, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace featured some of the worst writing, acting and special effects in superhero movie history. The story focused on a plot revolving around Superman ending the dealing of nuclear weapons in the world. This then evolves into Lex Luthor developing a dastardly plan to take down the hero.

This leads to the introduction of… Nuclear Man. A being created by one of Superman’s hairs and nuclear energy. Even in 1987, you may think a fight between Superman and Nuclear Man could at least be entertaining, but sadly no. The fights devolve into mild tussling between the two, depriving us of some action that had actually been a staple of the franchise for the first two films.

Overall, the ridiculous plot, weak villains and inconsistent characters make the final film of Christopher Reeves tenure easily the worst film in the series.

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