Every Major MCU Hero Death Ranked From Worst To Best

13. The Warriors Three

Avengers: Endgame
Marvel Studios

There aren’t many things that Thor: Ragnarok failed to do better than the previous two entries in the franchise. The third movie is by far the superior of the three, however its treatment of Lady Sif and the Warriors Three did leave a lot to be desired.

Sif was seemingly forgotten about entirely, while Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg were unceremoniously killed by Hela without any kind of effort. It was done to highlight the Goddess of Death’s threat to Thor and to Asgard, but it came off as an insult to three great characters.

Hogun at least led Asgard’s army in battle against Hela and her Berserkers, and showed his resolve by never giving in to her demands, forcing her to kill him. Fandral and Volstagg however, were killed within seconds of first appearing on screen.

These were three of Thor’s best friends, and had fought with him across the Nine Realms for years and years, yet he was never even shown to mourn their loss. Sif at least returned in season one of Loki, and will reunite with the God of Thunder in 2022, but the Warriors Three will not.


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