Every Major MCU Movie Twist Ranked Worst To Best

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Spider Man Far From Home Mysterio
Marvel Studios

The MCU has utilised the twist convention like the very best of them. Subverting expectations, when used wisely, is a great way too beef out stories and give the fans some memorable food for thought once the fights and explosions have ran their course.

Confounding audiences often involves taking their existing knowledge of the stories/comics, and implementing a glaring change to the classic formula. Unbeknownst movie-goers are often refreshed. Die-hard enthusiasts are sometimes very upset, but more often than not, the gamble was worth taking.

It also goes without saying that some twists work better than others. A side-note warning to Marvel Studios may be for them to not rely on twists too heavily in the future, as it's a narrative tool easily prone to stagnation if abused to the point of predictability.

They might be thinking the same thing, so who knows where the movies will go 2020 onward. In the meantime, let's take a look at worst and the best of the MCU's jaw-to-floor moments. To add just one more unexpected twist, spoilers lie ahead.

11. Spider-Man, Far From Home - Nick Fury And Agent Hill Were Skrulls

Spider Man Far From Home Mysterio
Marvel Studios

Far from Home was loaded with bombshells, and they kept on coming. The final second post-credit scene was a jaw dropper for roughly one second. When Agent Hill began morphing into a Skrull shade of green, fans most likely relished in the prospect of her turning out to be a Skrull refugee all along. But when Fury began morphing also, that seemed not the case. Or did it? Seems we're still trying to work that one out.

Anyway, it turns out that the Nick Fury of the Far From Home variety was actually Talos of Captain Marvel fame, while the real Fury spent the film housed up in a Skrull spaceship, the purpose of which will most likely be revealed in a later movie.

The trouble with this, is that the unsolved chasm of who was who and when is way too vast. While we are supposedly to assume that the masquerade lasted only for that particular movie, the lack of concrete correspondence has left fans second-guessing the validity of Fury across the entire MCU run.

Ultimately, this twist was a largely unnecessary addition to the film.


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