Every Major MCU Movie Twist Ranked Worst To Best

10. Captain Marvel - Nick Fury Lost His Eye To An Alien Cat

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Captain Marvel provided viewers with at least one decoy moment regarding how Fury acquired the patch, because the writers knew that arbitrary point was actually a big draw for the film. Overall, it's a bit of a polarizing twist. The film depicted a more comical Nick Fury which meant that, though working in the context of that particular movie, the scratched-eye explanation jarred somewhat against his hard-nosed personality in the other films.

"Last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye." Those were his words in Captain America, The Winter Solider. It's up to the audience member to contrast the dramatic implications of that with what actually happened. That said, it's not impossible to see the funny side. Despite incurring a gouged eye, Fury continued to keep Goose as a pet which, if nothing else, was testament to his conviction. A life lesson on trust was assured in any case.

A shallow play on expectations or a genuinely amusing play? You can decide on that one. Either way, it's certain that nobody was expecting it.


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