Every Major MCU Villain Ranked Worst To Best

Who is the best of Marvel's worst?

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So much for the so-called "Marvel Villain Problem."

Over the past 22 movies, Marvel Studios have created some of the best characters ever seen in comic book movies. We've seen true adaptations from the comics, bold new takes on old favourite characters and even some invented for the films out of thin air. Sure, some of the bad guys haven't all been incredible, exactly, but some of them have genuinely been the best characters in their respective movies.

The question now is which of the bad guys introduced in the Infinity Saga are the best and which are the worst, because the spectrum is a pretty broad one. But you would still probably be shocked at how few villains are genuinely "bad" in a traditional sense. They certainly exist, but they're just not the defining category.

In order to best rank the MCU villains, it’s probably best to avoid supporting characters like Kurse, the Twins, Taserface and the Black Order, because if we open that up, you end up with many more villains. And they don’t necessarily matter all that much in the grand scheme, especially when you consider that a few of these movies have more than one villain as it is…

28. Malekith – Thor: The Dark World

Malekith Thor The Dark World

It’s easy to say that the worst villain one of the worst MCU movies is the worst of all of the franchise’s bad guys, but it’s not untrue, at the same time.

Partly because of the film’s lack of focus (the studio supposedly meddled so much that director Alan Taylor didn’t have control of his own project) and partly because Christopher Eccleston apparently had no interest in the role, Malekith feels like the most disposable villain.

His plan is to take over the universe because he feels wronged… Yeah, you and many other villains. You have to be more personal than that to get ahead in the MCU.

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