Every Major Movie Sequel Of 2022 - Ranked From Worst To Best

The good, the bad, and the... Jurassic World Dominion.

Jurassic World Dominion Thor Love and Thunder Top Gun Maverick
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2022 was something of a bounceback year for cinema, for while multiplexes still aren't anywhere close to pre-pandemic levels, the sheer number of movies out in cinemas was much larger than 2020 or 2021.

And naturally that extended to sequels too, because there's nothing Hollywood loves more than bankrolling another go-around on a successful film.

It's just numbers after a point - give the successful thing another shot, because more likely than not it'll at least turn a modest profit. But as we all know, not all sequels are created equal, and 2022's ran the gamut from wretchedly cynical to shockingly brilliant.

And so, counting down the 23 most significant movie sequels released over the past 12 months, it's time to rank them from absolute worst to very best.

From the latest entries into beloved - if perhaps ailing - horror franchises, to fan-serving blockbuster sequels, a bunch of MCU movies, and some of the longest-gestating sequels of recent times, it was quite the year for cinematic follow-ups.

Before we look forward to 2023's absolutely gigantic slate of sequels, let's peer back once more at what 2022 gave us...

23. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Jurassic World Dominion Thor Love and Thunder Top Gun Maverick

Expectations are basically through the floor for any modern Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel, but even so, last year's direct-to-Netflix romp invited uniquely little hope given the many stories of its torrid production.

To the surprise of few, despite a few nasty kills the lazily-titled Texas Chainsaw Massacre had precious little to offer franchise fans.

Even the promise of a Halloween 2018-esque legacy sequel treatment resulted in an unintentionally hilarious misfire, not to ignore the film's offputtingly conservative messaging, per its abundance of anti-"woke" humour.

While not actually the most worthless entry into the franchise - largely due to the gore and a few decent performances - it's definitely the worst sequel in any major movie series released in 2022.


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