Every Martin Scorsese Movie Ranked Worst To Best

9. Silence (2016)

Martin Scorsese Films Ranked
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Featuring some of the most irresistibly beautiful shots of Scorsese's entire career, Silence is a journey of faith and identity as gruelling for its characters - two Jesuit priests (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) venturing through Japan for their missing mentor (Liam Neeson) - as it is for its audience.

Such is the film's power. Scorsese spent over 25 years bringing Silence to the big screen, and the torture and thanklessness of the priests' enlightenment are clearly borne from the director's own struggles getting the film off the ground. It's a wrenching experience, and the conclusions it draws linger long after the final shot.

For Scorsese, a man long haunted by themes of religious friction, human purpose, morality and belief, Silence may just be his most personal masterpiece; a film that's as hopeless as it is hopeful, as visually stunning as it is emotionally intimate, and as tragic as it is life-affirming.


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