Every MCU Avenger Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Has Thor been right all along?

Marvel Studios

Back in 2012, when Earth's Mightiest Heroes first assembled and numbered just six, there was a clear hierarchy of power. The demigod, the super soldier, the man with breathtaking anger issues, the two master assassins, and the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist all knew where they stood.

As the team has grown in the years since however, the lines have become far more blurred, with more heroes and their unique powers entering the picture. While Thor has always thought of himself as the strongest Avenger, and likely would to this day, it may not quite be true.

Since battling Loki, the Avengers have added a few infinity stone powered individuals, a couple of airborne heroes, and even two Guardians of the Galaxy to their ranks, all of which have proved themselves incredibly powerful. But who really takes the crown of the strongest Avenger?

This list focuses purely on the Avengers themselves, not those who have fought side by side with the team over the years. Despite how high they may have ranked, there will be no Bucky, no T'Challa, and no Doctor Strange, as they were never officially members of the team.


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