Every Michael Bay Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

No points for guessing what the poorest ones are...


With Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight recently blasting its way into cinemas - and earning the director yet another critical drubbing - there will be many people clamouring for the toy-based franchise to be handed off to a filmmaker with a fresh vision.

This is Bay's fifth entry in the decade-old series, and yet again, the director has not displayed any of the talent that he's put on show, on occasion, outside the Transformers movies.

He kicked off his directorial career with fan-favourite Bad Boys and followed it up with underappreciated gem The Rock, before delivering Armageddon, one of the most beloved disaster movies of all time.

Unfortunately, his long stint in the robot-centric universe has sent him into a bit of a slump, the director seemingly content to continue making brainless studio blockbuster after brainless studio blockbuster, with little respite.

The Rotten Tomatoes scores his series has garnered speak for themselves (with only two out of five managing to crack 20 percent), but those aside, his filmography is varied, occasionally brilliant, and - with his thirteenth effort out right now - ripe for assessing.

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