Every Nick Hornby Movie & TV Adaptation - Ranked From Worst To Best

8. Fever Pitch (A Perfect Catch) (2005)

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The second Fever Pitch adaptation couldn’t possibly miss the mark more. The film is based on Hornby’s 1992 part autobiography, part football bible and the novel covers Hornby’s love of Arsenal and how the team and sport shaped his life and upbringing. So when the Farrelly brothers decided to take the book, Americanise it and turn it into a movie about baseball and the Red Sox, it was never going to have the same heart in it.

Fever Pitch (released as A Perfect Catch outside of the UK) stars Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore as a couple trying to balance a third party in the relationship: baseball. The film is a fairly middle of the road romantic comedy, and while that doesn’t make it inherently bad, it barely resembles the novel that Hornby wrote and the feeling inside it. Ultimately the film has its funny moments but is the kind of romcom you forget immediately after watching; however that’s not to say the British adaptation is much better…


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