Every Once Upon A Time Movie Ranked Worst To Best

12. ...Brooklyn

Brad Pitt Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

London is far from the only city to get the Once Upon A Time treatment in an attempt to give some weight to an otherwise utterly generic gangster picture. In fact, New York's got enough of them that it has to divide its Once Upon A Times into separate boroughs.

Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn was produced and co-written by William DeMeo, an actor whose IMDb page is wall-to-wall New York mobsters from The Sopranos to the video game Mafia. DeMeo created the film as a vehicle to give himself a lead role.

He plays a man just out of prison and torn between the legitimate business of his real family and returning to the life of crime of his mob "family". If that sounds like a cliched set up, then you ain't seen nothing. Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn leaves no Mafia trope uncovered in a plot that is simultaneously excessively complex and extraordinarily bland. There are two separate gritty voiceovers and neither add much to proceedings.

Aspiring to emulate Scorsese, Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn instead barely hits TV movie of the week. It enjoys the rare accolade of a 0% Rotten Tomatoes score.


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