Every Peter Jackson Film Ranked Worst To Best

14. Meet The Feebles (1989)

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Meet the Feebles is almost a clever little comedy, but is let down massively because of its forced humour and a childish tone that isn't half as intelligent as it clearly thinks it is. Telling the story of a group of crass puppets (designed in the vain of Jim Henson's Muppets) as they uncover some shocking truths about fame and show business, the film is zany, but lacks any real artistic point.

Though the ridiculous nature of the characters and plot have allowed Meet the Feebles to become something of a strange cult favourite, it never once challenges itself. Despite this, there are some merits, particularly in regards to the puppet designs and sometimes subtle pop culture references, but even then the whole thing seems to have been made to shock for shock's sake.

Before Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson was known for this kind of film - the bizarre, over-the-top dark comedy that pushes political correctness out the window - but Meet the Feebles is a mere shadow of his better work.


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