Every Pixar Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

From Toy Story to Lightyear.

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Pixar fans rejoice! The newly released Lightyear marks the beloved animated studio's long-awaited return to the big screen, what with their last three films - Soul, Luca, and Turning Red - going direct to Disney+, while Onward also had its theatrical run hobbled by the pandemic.

Lightyear is Pixar's 26th feature film release since 1995, and while the studio's seemingly bulletproof rep in the mid-to-late 2000s has taken a bit of a hit in recent years, they can still be relied upon to deliver original and visually stunning animated offerings most of the time.

Pixar's back catalogue of movies is diverse enough that there's little agreement between fans on which ones are truly the best, but poring back over their 26 movies released to date - including Lightyear - this is how things shake out in 2022.

Some of their films haven't aged so well over time, while others have become only more effective as the years have passed, and then there are those that remain the masterpieces we believed them to be the very first time we saw them.

While in reality there aren't any truly bad Pixar films - though some might argue with that - we've separated the less-good efforts from the stone cold masterworks...

26. Cars 2

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Pixar's single critically Rotten film to date would probably get a pass were it released by any other studio, because Cars 2 is certainly not a terrible movie, but it is an oddly uninspired effort from director John Lasseter.

Despite the keen choice to mount the film as a parody of classic spy flicks - with Michael Caine even playing a pivotal role - Cars 2's story isn't terribly interesting while its humour is aimed strictly at the very youngest of viewers.

The animation sings and most of the voice acting is on-point, but in its bones it feels like the sort of thing that'd be unceremoniously dumped on Disney+ these days.

Of all Pixar's movies, this is surely the one least revisited by even the studio's most hardcore fans.

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