Every Pixar Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

25. The Good Dinosaur

Up Carl Ellie

The Good Dinosaur is a bit of an anomaly in Pixar's back catalogue, becoming their first ever box office bomb following both a troubled production where numerous key players were replaced and a lackluster marketing campaign which failed to adequately sell the film to audiences.

The movie itself is... fine. The clash of art styles, between the cartoonish dinosaur Arlo and the ultra-realistic environments, rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, compounding the fact that Arlo just isn't a particularly appealing protagonist, at least by Pixar's standards.

Ultimately it ends up feeling a bit emotionally inert, like somebody outside of Pixar trying their hardest to make a Pixar Movie but falling a few whiskers short.

While hardly a bad way to spend 97 minutes, The Good Dinosaur understandably failed to make a dent with the mainstream and is the studio's least-memorable movie by a long shot.

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