Every Saw Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Up to and including Jigsaw.

Saw V 5

The Saw franchise is alive and well. Jigsaw decisively won this past weekend's box office, pretty much ensuring that a ninth entry into the series will be on the way next Halloween, whether you like it or not.

Whatever your verdict on the franchise as a whole, it's hard to argue with its success and legacy, truly enduring as the one legitimate successor to classic horror series such as Halloween, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

With Saw fandom being as intensely passionate as it is, it's safe to say that opinion is heavily divided on the standing of the eight movies: some favour the increasingly gory and absurd nature of the later entries, while others prefer the relative simplicity of the earlier movies.

Which movie is the best? When did the series jump the shark? And how exactly does Jigsaw stack up compared to its predecessors? It's time to find out...

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