Every Star Trek Movie Villain Ranked From Worst To Best

Who are the baddest of the bad on the big screen Star Trek adventures?

Borg Queen Star Trek Picard
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From the very first moment pen was put to paper on Star Trek it was envisaged as presenting a utopian, idyllic future for humanity. Gone were the wars, the greed, and poverty, and the disease that defined our modern age and, in its place, one unified human race dedicated to the exploration of both outer space, and the inner soul.

But this is entertainment! Without the villainous yin to the do-gooder yang of these intergalactic boy scouts, we'd have all spent the last half a century watching our intrepid crews galavant around the galaxy just cataloguing assorted gasses. A TV show, as the saying goes, is only as good as its protagonists, but a movie... well, that lives or dies by its bad guys.

Thus every time Star Trek has made the leap from the small to the silver screen, it's required a great deal of thought about who'd be brought in to provide the necessary threat to our established crews. Terrifying alien overlords, insidious Starfleet double-agents, even mind-bending entities whose motivations are, actually, pretty harmless, we've had a bit of everything across 13 films now.

So, with everything from their performance, their motivations, their actions, and their legacy to consider, how do you rank every single one of them from worst to best? Well, let's find out.

19. Admiral Dougherty

Borg Queen Star Trek Picard

Admiral Dougherty was the Starfleet commander of the mission in the Briar Patch. He worked with Ru'afo to move the Baku from their village on the planet in the name of saving lives. The metaphasic energy in the planet's rings was crucial to reversing the ageing process, effectively making the entire location the Fountain of Youth.

Though acting from a well-intentioned place, Dougherty let his obsession for this mission blind him to Ru'afo's real goals. Though Captain Picard challenged him on it, he was unwilling to waver in his determination to continue. He even went so far as to order Ru'afo to send two Son'a warships after the Enterprise-E to stop the ship from reporting what was going on to the Federation Counsel itself.

A late in the day change of heart led to his undoing. Picard finally managed to open the Admiral's eyes enough for him to confront Ru'afo, though this rapidly led to the man's death. He had stumbled into the middle of a blood feud that ended up destroying him and his reputation.

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