Every Superhero Movie Franchise Ranked Worst To Best

13. Sony’s Marvel Universe (2018-)


Films: Venom (Morbius & Venom 2 Upcoming)

Sony really wants its superhero verse huh? Despite failing to stick the landing in their previous Spider-Man centric attempts and facing constant pressure from fans to give the rights back, Sony soldiered on and decided to create a series of films surrounding Spidey’s rogue gallery.

Their first attempt, Venom, was a dull yet odd affair that had generic plotting, garish visuals and an unmemorable villain but still had Tom Hardy eating raw lobster in a fish tank and Woody Harrelson in a dollar store style wig in the end credits.

But the movie made over 850 million dollars worldwide, giving Sony a bona fide hit and the confidence to ‘grace’ us with a Morbius movie and sequel to Venom later this year.


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