Every Tim Burton Film Ranked From Worst To Best

Ranking all of Burton's films from goth to boss.

Edward Scissorhands, like Tim Burton, just can't reach out and touch others
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The work of Tim Burton is something that has amazed cinema-goers for decades now. His incredible mind for creating surreal and gothic artwork gels well with his talent for storytelling. Going from a short film director to the multi-million blockbuster movie producer that he is today took years of effort, and it shows in the enormous diversity of his library.

Despite the impressive amount of fantastic films he has produced, there are just as many that are poorly received. When generating as many projects as he does, issues will inevitably occur due to sheer volume, and unfortunately, that has led to some rather dreadful outings.

Whether it be in animation or live-action form, the creations of this artist tend to be rather marketable despite the niche subject matter and aesthetic. Thanks to this, his projects always receive big commercial pushes, and that ends up resulting in plenty of praise for his success and unavoidable criticism for his failings.

In discussing all of his movies from the worst upward, we can explore how every film he makes has an impact on the industry. Because with Burton, even when he is at his worst, the results are always memorable.

20. Planet Of The Apes

Edward Scissorhands, like Tim Burton, just can't reach out and touch others

Every person involved in this film has discussed how much of a failure it was. Even Burton himself said he "would rather jump out of a window than direct a sequel". This is quite understandable, as not only is it an incredibly awful film, but it almost killed the Planet of the Apes property. Thank heaven that the motion-capture series came along, because had it not then this would have been the lasting legacy of the classic.

This re-imagining of the Planet of the Apes tells the tale of Captain Leo Davidson after he crashes on a mysterious planet run by talking apes. Tim Roth plays a decent villain, and the action scenes are quite fun, but otherwise it's a mess of storytelling and horrible visuals.

The physical suits they employ to create the apes are incredibly uncanny, which worked for the original as they had this transparent non-human barrier. But in this film, the costume department makes them look just a little too real for it to be comfortable.

Poor writing, an awful aesthetic, and the world's most baffling plot twist make this easily Burton's worst film.


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