Every Upcoming & Rumoured Spider-Man Movie (Ranked By Hype)

TWO more MCU Spider-Man movies and LOTS of spin-offs...

Spider man 3

The unnecessary drama now out of the way, we can start to look forward to what Spider-Man fans will be adding to their movie-watching calendars for the next few years. Thanks to the amicable resolution - involving lots more money and other side benefits - between Sony and Disney, we're now assured of a trilogy ender in the MCU as well as a little something more too. And that's very much only a small slice of what's to come.

Sony still have their own Spider-Verse, whose lines might just have been tied closer to the MCU, if immediate speculation was to be believed and there's also the small matter of animated movies too. All-in, there are currently thirteen projects in various stages of development. Whether we will get them all remains to be seen, but it's definitely looking like an interesting time to be a Spider-Man movie fan...

13. Jackpot

Jackpot Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

Release Date: TBC

Sony's grand plan for a Spider-Verse has always had the same foundations as the MCU in terms of the studio's belief that they have a lot of characters they can use to lead their own movies even without close proximity to Spider-Man.

The reality is that while there are some great villains and a few strong supporting characters, there aren't a massive number of options for heroes to take on their own movies. And that's led to some more surprising announcements, like the Variety reveal in August 2018 that Sony are looking to make a Jackpot movie.

If you haven't heard the name, you won't be alone, as she's one of the newer additions to the comics Spider-Verse. She was created by San Slott in 2007 as an Oscorp scientist who accidentally becomes super-powered (that old chestnut), though the Jackpot alterego has swapped between two different characters since then. She's a strange one, but she's coming all the same.

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