Every X-Men Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Is there a new Mutey MVP?


Given the well-publicised issues the X-Men movie franchise has had with its timeline and the perceived diminishing returns of some of the sequels, it's impressive to see how strong the mutant brand is. And as we currently stand on the edge of a precipice in terms of the brand's future, with Disney likely to bring them into the MCU, times may be a-changing for the better again.

Over the past couple of decades, the "awkward allegory for 60s racial tension" to paraphrase Deadpool in his new movie has offered some of the comic book movie genre's greatest ever moments and in a couple of cases some of the very best movies under that umbrella.

We've seen different actors tackle different versions of the same character, veterans like Hugh Jackman make a character their own and a whole new generation of actors emerge as the future of the series, and Fox's plans show no signs of slowing, even with the Disney deal looming.

Now, there's a new, redder, more outrageous MVP of the franchise, happy to take on Wolverine's prestigious position. And he's already stolen a march on his rival by having two solo movies that are both great, so that's one in the eye for old scratchy claws. But how does Deadpool 2 stack up against the rest of the franchise?

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