Exclusive: Eli Craig Talks Treatment For TUCKER & DALE GO TO YALE Sequel

As long as you guys keeping buying the Blu-ray and Video-on-Demand and seeing it theatres in the U.S., Eli Craig tell us he will get to make his sequel!

Here at What Culture!, we've got a lot of love for Tucker & Dale vs.Evil - our man Shaun Munro called it a "well-acted, subversive horror-comedy" and Stuart Bedford chimed in with a Blu-ray review, calling the film "a superior take on horror comedy, twisting convention and iconography into all shapes of awesome" that delivers "heaps of gory pay-offs for the horror fans to enthuse over." Not too shabby for a film about two hillbillies mistaken for murderous maniacs by a group of dim-bulb teens. Now, in a recent interview with What Culture!, director Eli Craig revealed forthcoming plans for the next Tucker & Dale adventure - depending of course on whether the film can turn a profit:
"It's hard to tell how well it's done yet on VOD (Video-on-Demand) but it's doing pretty well," Craig said, "and if it does a little bit better in theaters then I would be psyched to do another version of this. We have a treatment for Tucker & Dale Go To Yale." "For us, it's like a Dusk Till Dawn-type thing, where there's all these sort of demented people in college that Tucker and Dale have to figure out how to survive," he added. Asked whether the cast would return for this outing, Craig said, "Barring scheduling conflicts, because they have very industrious careers, are on board. These guys have been huge supporters of the film, they love the film, they love the characters, and they're the ones who have been encouraging me to do the sequel, so I know that I have Alan and Tyler on board and hopefully I'll have Katrina for some of it as well."
Craig also revealed plans for another horror-comedy he's had brewing. He called it "Meet The Parents meets The Omen." Interested? You'll have to read our full interview with Eli Craig, coming soon!

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