The Expendables 3: 10 Action Behemoths The Franchise Is Still Missing

There's a lot of (old) new blood that deserve a spot in this franchise!

We're three weeks away from the release of The Expendables 3, which is being promoted as "one last ride" for the aging action hero franchise. But does anyone really want to see Sylvester Stallone and his pals ride off into the sunset yet? Not if the Expendables franchise keeps providing action movie fans with heavy doses of old-school mayhem and keeps bringing many action movie heavyweights back to the big screen. As great as it has been seeing action heroes like Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, and Jean-Claude Van Damme in cinemas again, there are still many awesome action movie actors who haven€™t had the chance to flex their muscles at least one more time in an Expendables movie. Thankfully, despite what the trailer for The Expendables 3 tells us about a "last ride," Randy Couture has said that Expendables 4 is already in the works. It isn't hard to guess why the series would continue. While the Expendables movies have been hits in the U.S., they have been even more successful overseas. Another sequel could continue bolstering the franchise with both U.S. and international action stars to pump up its already impressive box office grosses. Luckily for Stallone and producers, there are plenty of big names who are still waiting on the sidelines. It's time for these ten other action greats to finally man up and get what they all deserve: roles in the ultimate action movie franchise. Let us know which of our choices you think are deserving in the comments, and also tell us if we've forgotten any worthy action movie veterans!

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