Fantastic Four: 17 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes And References You Need To See

Who you gonna call...? Wait, what!?

Fantastic Four, the new reboot of Marvel's First Family, is a little different to other contemporary superhero films. Whereas the likes of the Marvel and DC root their films heavily in the comic books (their upcoming features are drawing on the likes of Civil War and The Dark Knight Returns), Josh Trank's movie works independently to its source, jumping vaguely from the Ultimates imprint to deliver a film more in line with the indie sensibilities of his previous, Chronicle. But don't let that kid you into thinking Fantastic Four is lacking that most comic book of things - Easter eggs. There's lots of little nuggets hidden in there, from references to some obscure graphic novel elements to shout outs to eternally beloved movies (as well as a couple of things that sheepishly nod to the film's notoriously troubled production). Here are seventeen of the coolest.

17. The Special Fox Logo

Every X-Men movie since the 2000 original has featured a little Easter egg in the opening Fox logo - as the fanfare finishes and the picture fades to black, the "X" in "Fox" illuminates for a split-second. Fantastic Four borrows this trick, only with the "F" instead. It's not just a nice throwback to the studio's other superhero franchise though - neither of the previous films did this, which serves to show how Fox envisioned this movie as part of the wider X-Men universe (a crossover was even mooted for a while before this film's release).

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