Fantastic Four Reboot: 10 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Doom

10. Tom Hiddleston

When you're playing a character called "Victor Von Doom," there has to be something about you that invites audiences to believe that you could really go by a name like that. Look at Tom Hiddleston, then, and it's clear that this guy - famous for playing Loki within the Marvel Cinematic Universe - would be more than capable of pulling off such a feat. And for somebody to play Doom, we also need to believe them as a genius (check) and malevolent a*shole (check). The problem with this casting choice, of course - and the reason it's ranked last on the list - stems from the fact that Tom Hiddleston already has his major comic book villain. Would a role like this have him playing too similar a character? Possibly, but it's still an intriguing prospect. He'd certainly be able to dig his heels in - it's just that he probably doesn't need to. So whereas in an alternative universe this would have been great, it's a good - but less likely - option.

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