Fantastic Four Reboot: 10 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Doom

9. Robin Wright

What the hell, right? What's going on? Have you somehow ended up clicking on the wrong list or something? Nope, not at all: this is a legitimate pick for the role of Doctor Doom, given that 20th Century Fox have already hinted that there's a possibility that this villain could go through a gender swap for the upcoming reboot. Whether or not that's big talk or it's a genuine possibility remains undisclosed, but it feels wrong not to include at least one female choice - just in case. Robin Wright, of course, currently plays the scheming, cold and dangerous wife of Kevin Spacey's wronged congressman in Netflix's original series, House of Cards. Her character, Claire Underwood, is just as calculating and conniving as her husband, and Wright pulls off the role magnificently - she's frequently passive-aggressive, and occasionally terrifying... which makes her a ripe and relevant choice for an evil genius billionaire. "Victoria Von Doom," anyone?

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