Fantastic Four Reboot Movie: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

The main cast of the Fantastic Four reboot is now locked in. And there's lots to be excited about...

New Fantastic Four Cast So, the main cast of the Fantastic Four reboot is now locked in. After months of rumours and unconfirmed reports, fans can finally start to get excited about the latest addition to Marvel's ever-expanding Cinematic Universe. Who are we kidding? Comic book fans love to scrutinise the casting choices for their beloved characters, and as Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg must have realised, they've not shy about voicing their opinions. Miles Teller (the future Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic), Kate Mara (Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman), Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm/The Human Torch) and Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm/the Thing) will be familiar faces for some by the time the project release date of 19th June 2015 arrives. On the other hand, you might only vaguely remember those two mediocre Fantastic Four films with Chris Evans and wonder why anyone's bothering to reboot that lacklustre franchise at all. Whichever camp you fall into, you've plenty of excuses to let go of your scepticism, because this cast looks incredible. Have a read of the top ten reasons to be excited about the news and you'll be thinking that summer 2015 can't come fast enough.

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