Fast & Furious: Ranking The Series From Worst To Best

2. Fast Five

Fast Five is one of the most important entries into the series, because it's the one that changed everything by moving the franchise completely away from gas-guzzler, petrol-head culture to become a more broad and accessible heist film franchise with almost as much gunplay as car chases. The results were by far the best reviews and strongest box office of the franchise up to that point, no doubt aided by the addition of the man-mountain of charisma that is Dwayne Johnson as DSS Agent Hobbes. The stunts are insane and the movie in general relied a lot less on CGI than the previous movies (which is ironic given how much more ridiculous this one is), while the beefier run-time allowed for plenty more bang for your buck. Without this entry, the series wouldn't be where it is right now, looking to close in on a $1 billion box office for Furious 7. Best Scene: The vault chase climax, in which Dom and Brian hurl a bank vault around the streets of Rio, smashing up cop cars like they're toys, which remains the best set-piece in the entire series, even though the later movies have gotten pretty close to it. Worst Scene: The post-credit scene in which Letty's revealed to be alive. It makes zero sense and leads to the clumsiness of bringing her back into the fold in the sixth film, but again, it's necessary to reunite the family. Plus, a quick cameo from Eva Mendes' Monica Fuentes character isn't so bad.

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