Fast & Furious: Ranking The Series From Worst To Best

1. Furious 7

And finally, it comes down to the most unexpectedly brilliant of all the seven movies, Furious 7. Despite the enormous challenges of Paul Walker's untimely death mid-production and a new, inexperienced action director in James Wan, this brand new entry manages to deliver the most action-packed and ridiculous adventure in the entire franchise. Though Justin Lin's direction is a tad slicker than Wan's, Statham's villain could have been in it more and there's nowhere near enough Dwayne Johnson, the cast chemistry has never been stronger, there are a ton of new faces for added value (namely Kurt Russell and Tony Jaa), and the series manages to give Walker's Brian O'Conner a rousing, tasteful farewell. What more could you possibly want out of this series? Best Scene: The thrilling, extremely lengthy Azerbaijan mountainside chase sequence, which pulls out pretty much ever insane trick in the book, closely followed by the fourth wall-breaking final five minutes, in which Dominic and the gang get to wave farewell to their departed soldier, Brian. Bring tissues. Worst Scene: It's tough to pick out a bad scene in the whole movie considering how fast it moves, though the end of Jason Statham's battle with Dom is a tad underwhelming. Rather than be crushed to death by falling rubble (as seemed to be his destiny), Deckard Shaw is captured and incarcerated by Agent Hobbes, which at least might lead to the Shaw Brothers teaming up in the next installment. How do you rank the Fast and Furious franchise to date? And which scenes are your absolute favourite and least favourite? Shout it out in the comments!
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