Fifty Shades Of Grey: 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Love Mr Grey

You're not the exception, you're an idiot.

Despite it being his "big chance" (to ruin his career, probably), Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey is no more. According to reports, the former model pulled out of the sequels to Fifty Shades of Grey because his wife doesn't want him acting out raunchy sex scenes, and he wasn't exactly impressed with the inevitable critical response to the movie. Unluckily for him, he will still forever be branded as the S&M god just as Daniel Radcliffe will always be seen as The Boy Who Lived, so his decision to leave seems like locking the stable long after the horse has bolted. There's a good chance that the entire female population knows who Christian Grey is by now and what he is capable of, regardless of whether you've actually read the poorly written novels of E.L. James or not. Yet for some bizarre reason, women have still gone crazy for this sadistic man who clearly only wants women on his own terms. The first instalment of the trilogy has seen Anastasia Steele regress from a studious, caring friend into a naive and vulnerable young woman. Although she was never truly confident or comfortable in her own skin, a student of English Literature would have been aware of what sex is through actually reading in University, especially when studying texts by John Cleland, D.H.Lawrence and even Ana's favourite, Thomas Hardy. She should have known that there was never going to be an X-Box behind that door. But regardless of how stupid she is to fall for Grey, she at least has the excuse that she's been horribly written by James. What's your excuse? When you think about it, Christian Grey definitely isn't the kind of man you should be modelling your ideal partner on. And frankly, you should remove him from every To Do list you have...


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