First look at Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47

d4116.jpgHitman is one movie I believe has so much potential this year. Certainly more so than any movie adaptation of a video game from the last couple of years. The truth is the movie would be so easy to get right but at the same time, these movies time and time again always seem to go in the wrong direction when the directors and studio go for the conventional route.

We all know the pitfalls this movie has to avoid. It can't make lead actor Timothy Olyphant talk very much. He can't be charismatic. He can't show too much emotion. The movie needs to be measured in a slow paced realistic style, where EVERY killing is a big event... and not just "bang, bang, bang". It needs to be a clever flick, in the same way the video game is. Below, is our first glimpse of Olyphant as Agent 47... and it looks pretty sweet. They have made him bald, which is something that was absolutely essential. He just looks... perfect. No complaints here. The movie will hit theatres this October, and has amassed an interesting cast which includes... Dougary Scott, Olga Kurylenko, Robert Knepper, Ulrich Thomsen and Michael Offei. source - coming soon
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