Friday The 13th: 10 Funniest Jason Voorhees Kills

The funniest and most outlandish kills from Camp Crystal Lake's resident serial killer.

Friday The 13th
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The Friday the 13th series is one of the horror world's most infamous franchises and rode the wave of the slasher hype train throughout the 1980s with the first eight films being released in just nine years.

And whilst Scream taught audiences everywhere that the original killer in the series was Pamela Voorhees, the franchise has become known for the killing exploits of her son, Jason. With his iconic machete and hockey mask, Jason has become one of horror's most influential figures, right alongside the likes of Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger.

He has consistently been portrayed as a silent giant with low intelligence and a motivation to kill that comes from his mother being beheaded in the original, however later entries in the series expand on this to sometimes paint him as more innocent and comedic.

The majority of the Friday films are cheap and poorly made, with very little substance and the same formula or scantily-dressed teens being picked off one-by-one. What all of them do have however are some of the most imaginative and outlandish kills that often revel in their own hilarity. So, with that being said, here are ten of Jason Voorhees' funniest kills.

10. Focus On The Banana

In an effort to increase the kill count in the movie, Part IV: The Final Chapter introduces a variety of minor characters who are designed just to be killed.

One of these characters is a simple hitchhiker the movie's main characters pass on their way to Crystal Lake. In what is one of the first examples of the comedic direction the series was beginning to be taken down, the hitchhiker is introduced holding a wooden sign preaching peace and love but turns it around to reveal an obscenity when the group doesn't offer to pick her up.

The woman sits back down on the side of the road and begins to tuck into a banana from her bag. Jason then appears and sticks his knife through the back of her throat - standard stuff for the fourth film in a slasher series.

However, what gives this kill the nod in this list is the strange creative decision the directors made in choosing to focus the majority of the shot on the banana, with a zoomed in shot of the fruit going limp and falling out of its jacket as the the hitchhiker is killed.


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