FrightFest 2011: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, A Lonely Place to Die Headlines

The Guillermo del Toro produced 'creature creeper' Don't Be Afraid of the Dark has just been announced as the headline opener for Film4's FrightFest 2011, UK's premiere scary movie festival that runs August 25th to 29th. Which is cool news but with the film opening in the U.S. earlier on August 12th, we'll have already known by two full weeks what the movie is and whether it's going to live up to it's Drag Me To Hell-esque intentions. So it's cool that it's getting a publicity jolt but it's soured somewhat that up until a few weeks ago the movie was due to be day-and-date with the U.S. opening, but it's since been pushed back until September. Meanwhile it's also been announced that the spine tingling Brit horror A Lonely Place to Die will get it's European premiere as the fest closing night's film with star Melissa George doing the press rounds. Directed by Rise of the Foot Soldier and Doghouse helmer Julian Gilbey, the movie is "set in the Scottish Highlands, a group of mountaineers discover a young Serbian girl buried alive in the wilderness. In their attempt to get the girl to safety they become caught up in a terrifying game of cat and mouse." The full line up will be announced on 1st July with festival and day passes going on sale a day later and tickets for Individual films on sale from 1st August.
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