FROST/NIXON opens the BFI London Film Festival

I was dying to see Frank Langella and Michael Sheen renact the infamous Frost/Nixon interviews on the 70's Watergate Scandal when the Peter Morgan play had it's run in theatres but sadly it was difficult for me to get away at the time to make the journey down to London. Thankfully though director Ron Howard (Da Vinci Code, Cinderella Man) got the chance to see it because he was so blown away by the material and performances of the two leads, that he quickly put plans in motion for a film adaptation. We've spoke about the film at least a dozen times in the last year and finally today we get news of it's worldwide premiere. Variety say it will be play opening night at the BFI Film Festival in London on October 15th.

The play, as does the film concerns the 1977 encounter between U.S. President Richard Nixon (Langella) and hot shot British journalist David Frost (Sheen) and a series of interviews where Nixon admitted his part of the Watergate Scandal. The interviews attracted the highest-ever U.S. ratings for a news program and remain legendary for their t.v. drama and historical significance to both politics and journalism. Supporting the film are Kevin Bacon, Oliver Platt, Sam Rockwell and Toby Jones. Currently the mainstream release is scheduled for December (U.S.) and January in the U.K.
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