"I say when the President does it, it's not illegal!"

The trailer is finally here for Frost/Nixon, the December released drama from Ron Howard which has Frank Langella and Michael Sheen renact the infamous interviews on the 70€™s Watergate Scandal between British presenter David Frost and then recently resigned U.S. President Richard Nixon. It's an adaptation of Peter Morgan's spectacular play and is potentially the richest source material for any film this year.

Trailer for the movie doesn't quite hit home as much as I thought it would. It's very reminiscent of Good Night and Good Luck with a lot of chatter from supporting characters and rather bland in door locations but it's the showdown between Sheen and Langella that sells this movie and boy does it feel electric. Frank Langella looks to give a great performance in this but did Nixon ever really sound that deep? Kevin Bacon, Sam Rockwell, Rebecca Hall, Matthew Macfayden, Oliver Platt and Toby Jones round out a terrific supporting cast. The film opens December 5th in the U.S. (Jan in the U.K.) but will premiere at the BFI Film Festival in October. source -/film

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