Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance

I can't really say this is surprising news, but it's news nonetheless for the few of you who hold the original Ghost Rider near and dear to your hearts. Unfortunately for you guys, the 'Crank' directing duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor will "re-imagine" the origins of the Rider and how he came to possess Johnny Blaze as his host. Lead actor and funny-haired Nicolas Cage had a quick chat with UKPA recently and dropped some details on the upcoming pseudo-sequel to Ghost Rider, titled Ghost Rider : Spirit Of Vengeance. He said the film will offer fans a new take on how the Rider came to be and also promises us some "wild filming techniques". "The director's on rollerblades," he said, "and hanging from wires with the camera, holding on to the motorcycle..." The only thing I can deduce from that sentence is that the film is being helmed by two people with the talents and abilities of highly-trained acrobatic daredevil monkeys. It's also safe to deduce that the directors are appalled by the fact that the first Ghost Rider is even considered a real movie and want you to try and erase it from your collective memories. Sarcasm and jokes aside, I am genuinely getting into the hype of this newGhost Rider. Nicolas Cage may not be the best Johnny Blaze out there but he seems pretty passionate about where the franchise is heading. Plus Neveldine and Taylor are, to me, the perfect fit for a film like this. With proper visuals, intense action sequences, and a good story, we could have a very entertaining piece of work to look forward to. Plus, after Season Of The Witch slapped itself with a hideous rating on RottenTomatoes, Nic Cage could benefit from hanging around with people who actually have a sense of what they're doing. Ghost Rider : Spirit Of Vengeance is slated for a February 17, 2012 release. Shot in actual 3D (thank the Heavens), the film portrays Johnny Blaze as a self-exiled antihero currently residing in Europe, afraid of his own power. According to leaked scripts, Blaze is recruited by a sect to take on the devil, who wishes to take mortal form. The movie also stars Ciaran Hinds, Idris Elba, and Johnny Whitworth.
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