Ghostbusters: 11 Things That Must Happen In The Sequel

More Chris Hemsworth, please.

Ghostbusters Reboot 2

For better and for worse, Paul Feig's female-led Ghostbusters is here, and despite a vocal Internet crusade to ensure it fails, it's gone over pretty solidly with both critics and audiences. It's nothing on the original 1984 movie, but it's sure not bad, and totally not worth all the ridiculous controversy surrounding it.

That said, there's definitely a ton of room for improvement, and hopefully now that a solid foundation has been laid, Feig and his stars can venture out into more imaginative spaces for Ghostbusters 2... or whatever it ends up being called. If the next film - which has now been all but confirmed by Sony Pictures - is simply more of the same, audiences might not be quite so forgiving.

From a change in comic style to stronger visuals and an expanded role for the movie's best character, here are 11 things that absolutely must happen in the next Ghostbusters movie...

11. More Risque Humour

Ghostbusters Reboot 2
Paramount Pictures

One of the greatest things about the original Ghostbusters is that, despite a PG rating, it gets away with an insane amount of adult gags that fly over kids' heads. For instance, who can forget Sigourney Weaver telling Bill Murray to "get inside her" once she's possessed by Zuul?

This risque style of comedy was sadly almost completely missing from the reboot, which felt like a massively missed opportunity, especially considering Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy's penchant for R-rated comedy.

The next movie needs to up the humour stakes, or in the very least release an Unrated Director's Cut on Blu-ray which contains more adult content and maybe even a little swearing too. We can handle it.


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