Ghostbusters Returns To Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2024 In Brand New House

Will you prove you "ain't afraid of no ghosts" in Universal's Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire maze?

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire
Universal Studios

After much anticipation from fans of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, the team behind the spooky event has announced the return of a beloved franchise.

Ghostbusters will once again be making an appearance at both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood's epically scary event.

This time HHN will feature a new house based on the latest movie in the franchise, Sony Pictures’ Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.


Just like in the real Ghostbusters, you'll find yourself in some of the movie's iconic scenes including: Ray’s Occult Books shop, the new Ghostbusters lab and the New York sewers as you find yourself escaping monsters and ghosts. Here you'll see Ghostbusters past and present as they try to stop the "vengeful spirit of Garraka's" aim to bring about a new Ice Age.

This is the second time the Ghostbusters have made an appearance at HHN, with the maze based on the original movie being our number one house in 2019. Universal have promised that guests in this maze will face "freezing and frightening conditions." Like Universal's 2019 offering we expect there to be humour mixed with genuinely scary moments, we have high hopes that this will be a great house.


With Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire featuring a great cast of characters from both the original movies and latest films, this new house should have something for every fan of our favourite proton pack wearing heroes.


Tickets for huge horror extravaganza at both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood are already on sale, including R.I.P Tours and multi-night tickets.

HHN runs across select nights between 30th August – 3rd November in Orlando and 5th September –3rd November in Hollywood.

So far we've heard about eight of the ten houses coming to this year's event in Orlando and are excited to hear what other frights the twisted minds behind Halloween Horror Nights have in store for us.


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