Godzilla First Teaser Trailer: 6 Things We Learned

Christmas came early with this release...

Following the start of a viral marketing campaign which referenced photos of the "world's largest sinkhole" and a company called M.U.T.O, the first Godzilla trailer for next year's monster reboot has been released. The question "Who Are M.U.T.O?" has arisen - and it's a very good question. They seem quite similar to Pacific Rim's PPDC (Pan Pacific Defense Corps) or something designed to track down these monsters, but we'll probably have to wait and find out properly. That said, there are indeed some photos to go with the viral marketing campaign (see below for an example, where M.U.T.O vans, military personnel and helicopters surround one of the sinkholes) which seem to suggest that Godzilla (or something else) emerged from the aforementioned sinkhole but, again, we'll have to wait and see in that regard.
The trailer itself - released on Tuesday, a day after the viral campaign truly got underway - looks fantastic. For anyone who had their doubts about a new Godzilla movie, which is understandable following on from the debacle that was the 1998 attempt, the first teaser for Gareth Edwards' effort at a revamp should at least begin to set their minds at ease. You can see the trailer below and then click "next" to see six things we learned from it...

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