Godzilla Trailer: 10 Most Epic Moments

10. Mass Chaos

The trailer opens with an intense bit of dialogue from Bryan Cranston demanding answers from some unknown official. The first image is what can only be described as mass pandemonium. It looks like an evacuation attempt gone horribly wrong. Traffic is at a stand still as millions of people try to get out of the city. To make matters worse, a plane has crashed right in the middle of all the chaos. Right from the start, the trailer hooks you by establishing an eerie apocalyptic mood on a grand scale.
Next we see what looks like a nuclear power plant collapsing. Judging by the look of the architecture and the little origamis hanging in the left corner of the frame, this probably takes place in Japan. Of course, this image calls back to the Fukushima power plant meltdown of 2011. This is just more evidence that, like the original 1954 Gojira, this film will be using Godzilla as a means of exploring the real world tragedies and fears relevant to today€™s society. A chilling image when you take that into consideration.

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