Golden Globes 2020: 10 Ups & 6 Downs

The Oscar race just got more interesting.

Golden Globes 2020 Tom Hanks Joaquin Phoenix

The road to the Oscars is in full swing, and with barely a month to go until the 92nd Academy Awards takes place on February 9, the next few weeks are clearly going to be pivotal.

While hardly a reliable precursor for Oscar glory, the Golden Globes are nevertheless the most high-profile awards show behind the Oscars.

And despite its reputation for prefacing star power over artistic merit, in recent years the Globes has carved out a fine niche for itself as an unpretentious alternative to the Academy Awards.

This year's show bolstered that recent trend, taking itself decidedly less seriously than the Oscars tends to, yet also handing out awards to a number of unexpected left-field nominees.

Granted, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association - the shady, bafflingly small organisation which decides the winners - didn't get everything right, but they've certainly clarified the awards race somewhat moving forward, giving Oscar voters plenty to think about as they complete their ballots in the coming weeks...


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