Golden Globes 2020: 10 Ups & 6 Downs


6. The Irishman Gets Totally Shut Out

The Irishman

Despite being a major awards favourite across the board this year, Martin Scorsese's The Irishman went home totally empty-handed from the Golden Globes, failing to win even one of the five awards it was nominated for.

It's a disastrous result for what's unquestionably one of the year's best films, and with the Oscars mere weeks away, many are speculating that the overall awards buzz surrounding the crime epic may have cooled.

It also speaks to a generally disappointing performance for Netflix at this year's Globes, with the streamer winning just two awards despite earning a staggering 34 nominations. Is this indicative of industry pushback against the platform or simply bad luck? Let the discussion begin.

Either way, Scorsese's instant classic deserved much better than this.


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