Golden Raspberry Awards 2015: Predicting The "Winners" In Each Category

6. Worst Supporting Actor - Kelsey Grammer For The Expendables 3, Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return, Think Like A Man Too, Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Also nominated: Mel Gibson (Expendables 3), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Expendables 3), Shaquille O'Neill (Blended), Kiefer Sutherland (Pompeii) If you want to watch a franchise that's full of terrible performances throughout, you can't go wrong with the Expendables series. The latest third instalment took bad acting to new lows and has deservedly picked up not one, not two but three nominations in the Worst Supporting Actor category at this year's Razzies. While Mel Gibson might not be quite as deserving as Arnold Schwarzenegger, the real loser this year is Kelsey Grammer. Not only has be been nominated for his role in The Expendables 3, but he also managed to rack up another three (count em!) nominations for other movies. That's some achievement, which makes him a good bet for picking up the award this weekend. He's obviously worked hard for it.

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