Gone Girl: 8 Easter Eggs & References You Might Have Missed

There's more than just octopus and scrabble hidden in there.

Gone Girl is here and it's pretty damn good. Turning a pulpy novel into something of real worth, just like Jonathan Demme did with The Silence Of The Lambs, David Fincher's latest is so enthralling we can't wait to return to the cinema and experience his mystery thriller all over again. Fincher is renowned for his meticulous directorial style, with thirty-take scenes commonplace on his sets. With this level of obsession and control of his product what's on screen is as close as possible to what the director envisioned. And that makes his movies a delight to go through and discover what subtle treats are hidden in there. More so than any of his previous films, Gone Girl boats a plethora of references to other movies, both from his own filmography and wider afield that make it a particular highlight for any film fan. It's not just cinephile's who can get more out of Gone Girl, however. There's lots of cool little winks and nods that can really add to the experience, both in and out of the cinema. So put away your game of Life and read eight references in Gone Girl that you probably missed. Obviously, we're going to be looking at moments from all though the movie, so here's a big SPOILER WARNING for those of you yet to see the film.

Honourable Mention - Ben Affleck's Chin

One of the more subtle changes from the book sees Nick and Amy's personal in-joke about "just one more olive" cut, in favour of a recurring joke about how Nick's chin is untrustworthy. While this is likely done by author/screenwriter Flynn as a more visual way to get into the couple's relationship, it has the strange effect of also referencing one of the major (non-Daredevil) complaints about Ben Affleck's appointment as Batman in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice; his chin didn't look right to some. As evidenced from on-set coverage, jokes about Affleck's next big screen role were rife, with the actor in the process of bulking up to play the Dark Knight by the time shooting rolled around. So it wouldn't be surprising if the cast and crew knew this would end up a little wink.

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