Goonies 2 an "absolute certainty"?

Former Hobbit Sean Astin seems to think Goonies 2 is going forward

Previously we brought you news on a GOONIES sequel/musical pitched by screenwriter Adam F. Goldberg. Back then I didn't think it was possible, and I must say I'm still not sure it will happen - at least not in the way fans would want it to - despite new buzz coming from Sean Astin.

Astin claims the sequel is an "absolute certainty" due to strong DVD sales.
€œSteven [Spielberg] and Dick [Donner] and all the powers that be€ they really feel like the thing that made the movie strong was that it was about kids, so they really want to make the next movie about kids€ the next generation of Goonies. And they€™ve had a hard time tackling that,€ Astin tells MTV Movies Blog.
I honestly don't see this happening unless it's a direct-to-DVD quickie like LOST BOYS 2. The nostalgic pull of THE GOONIES isn't as strong as say, Transformers or Ninja Turtles, so making a movie is a risky prospect, particularly when none of the original cast are bankable names. Hollywood is far too reliant on remakes and sequels anyway. Giving into nostalgia is creative suicide. Bryan Singer - an excellent director - absolutely killed his Superman movie because he believed that audiences cared about the old Christopher Reeve movies. The more fresh ideas we get the better, I have great memories of the original GOONIES and don't want them ruined by some half-baked sequel. source - mtv movies blog

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