Guardians of the Galaxy: 10 Actors It Needs

The Internet began buzzing this week once again about Marvel's upcoming comic book adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy, after rumours began to rampantly circulate that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was being given serious consideration for the lead role of Star-Lord. Previous reports have suggested that the likes of Jim Sturgess and Zachary Levi are also in contention for the role, so it appears that the race for the lead is still very much an open one; as a result, we've decided to pitch our own dream casting for the film, from Star-Lord, to other confirmed characters such as Drax The Destroyer, Groot and Rocket Raccoon, and also characters who we can only speculate will even make it into the final film. Here are 10 actors that Guardians of the Galaxy needs.

10. Star-Lord - Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender would be an excellent choice to play Peter Quill, aka the interplanetary authority known as Star-Lord; not only is he well-steeped in blockbuster fare (having been the strongest presence as Magneto in X-Men: First Class, and gearing up to star in and produce the Assassin's Creed adaptation), but he's also a supremely talented actor, giving a breakout performance in Steve McQueen's stunning sex addiction drama Shame. Fassbender will be able to put all of his skills to good use in this role, given that it requires an authoritative, commanding screen presence who is also adept at physically demanding roles; a master problem solver who excels in both close-quarters combat and use of weapons both human and alien. Fassbender has proven in a variety of roles that he's not averse to science-fiction, nor is he afraid of providing the gravitas that a thorny role such as the iconic Star-Lord requires. Granted, Fassbender could nail pretty much any role, but this one seems perfect for him at this point in his career, if he can find time to fit it in, of course...
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