Halloween 2018: Everything We Know So Far

The return of Michael Myers.

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween
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True evil never dies, despite Hollywood's best efforts to dilute it with countless half-baked sequels, convoluted backstories about curses, and ill-advised reboots.

The Halloween series has endured all of the above during its 40-year lifecycle, yet Michael Myers always comes back from more, bloody butcher knife to hand and a pile of bodies in his wake. For all of the franchise's hackneyed flaws, nobody can question its longevity or the impact the original had when it landed in 1978.

It's been almost a decade since the masked killer last stalked Haddonfield in Rob Zombie's 2009 sequel Halloween II, which struggled to conjure up any real scares because its predecessor had sapped the mystery out of Myers and his evil ways.

Painted into a corner, Halloween is undergoing another reboot for 2018, and this one will be different to Zombie's uninspired retread of John Carpenter's low-budget classic.

There have been no less than nine failed attempts to recapture the formula that made The Shape an integral part of modern horror (well, technically eight, since Halloween III doesn't count). Could this be the sequel that finally does Halloween justice?

10. David Gordon Green And Danny McBride Are At The Helm

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween
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While the Halloween series was in the wilderness following Rob Zombie's botched attempt at a sequel, fans began to ask which horror maestro would be tasked with reviving Michael Myers and repairing his tarnished reputation.

The answer, surprisingly, is none of them. Comedy duo David Gordon Green and Danny McBride will serve as the movie's unlikely creative team, with the former set to direct based on a screenplay they co-wrote.

It's been a fish-out-of-water year for McBride, who is best known as the star of films like Pineapple Express and Your Highness, both of which were helmed by Green. In addition to working on the Halloween script, he dipped his toes into science fiction-horror waters by starring in Alien: Covenant.

Despite the actor's recent dabbling in the genre, the pair sound like the wrong fit for Halloween on paper, but McBride has assured fans they're up for the task, and insisted that horror and comedy have common threads running through them.

He told Business Insider...

"Whether it's to make [the audience] laugh or make them scream and s**t their pants, it's all in the engineering of the pace."

The Halloween franchise has certainly made the audience do both of those things over the years.


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