Halloween (2018) Theory: How Michael Myers Survived

The secret of Halloween's ending solved?

Halloween 2018 mystery
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With Halloween 2018 smashing the box office like someone did to a certain evil psychiatrist’s head, it should come as no surprise that Michael Myers and the Strode women will duke it out once more in 2020... and then maybe again later that same month. It has been officially announced that the surviving members of the cast are all coming back for the forthcoming sequels that will be shot back-to-back, including star Jamie Lee Curtis and director and screenwriter David Gordon Green.

So let’s speculate about how the sequel will pick up, starting with a certain loose end for everyone’s favorite escaped mental patient.

Halloween 2018 ended with a pretty dire situation for Michael Myers, being trapped in a basement in a house that Laurie Strode had set ablaze. You will remember that after the Strodes made it to safety, the camera cuts back to the basement one last time and Michael is nowhere to be seen. Where, you might ask, could he have gone?

Halloween 2018 Fire

In order for the next installment to go forward, the screenwriter or writers will have to figure out a way for Michael to survive the fire or escape that basement before the house comes crumbling down on top of him. Since Green had a hand in the screenplay and will be penning the next two films, it is pretty safe to bet that he already had Michael’s exit figured out.

Let’s look to see if there are any embedded clues as to how Michael could have survived the fire.

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