Halloween (2018) Theory: How Michael Myers Survived

Halloween 2018 Door

Let’s begin with the fact that the basement is a full-on survival shelter with stores of food and water, a fridge, and a bed. If Laurie designed it for her to survive many months underground, in all likelihood, she would need a bathroom. When we are first taken into the basement, a door can be glimpsed off in the corner of the main room of the basement. That door most likely leads to the bathroom, no doubt scattered with survivalist magazines with titles like “Better Homes and Panic Rooms” that Ms. Strode can read while she’s on the toilet.

Now, as the flames were engulfing the basement and Michael was scurrying about, his first move might have been to see what’s behind Door Number 1. Given the odds there is a bathtub in there, he could have lain in the tub to block himself from the flames and taken his chances to not get buried or impaled by wreckage tumbling down into the basement.

That’s a sound theory, but nobody really wants the first image of Halloween 2020 to be the boogeyman kicking his feet up in a soothing bathtub. So the screenwriter will have to come up with something a little more keeping to the stoic image of Michael Myers for the fans.

Halloween 2018
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Another, more cinematic possibility, is that Laurie has an escape hatch cleverly disguised somewhere in the basement. If there’s anything we should take away from Laurie’s house, it’s that there is definitely more than meets the eye. She spent 40 years preparing for this night. If she came up with ways to trap Michael in every single room, then it’s safe to assume that she also built in emergency exits in case she or Karen ever got trapped in one of the rooms. Remember her fall out of the window?

That very well could have been her exit strategy in case her and Michael ever when toe-to-toe in that particular second-story room.

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