Halloween (2018) Theory: How Michael Myers Survived

Karen Halloween Flashback
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So, backing this secret exit theory are a few details in the film that you may have missed. At one point during the flashback to Karen’s childhood, while inside her bedroom, Karen sets the cage door. If she were inside the room as the cage door shut, then it’s very likely that Laurie would have made a way for young Karen to escape the room so Michael would be left inside—perhaps a crawlspace connecting to the next room. This supports the theory that Laurie would have designed secondary exits out of every room in the house. Ergo, the basement must have its own secret passage.

The only entrance we’re shown to the basement is that motorized kitchen island. What if that ever malfunctioned? Laurie would have had to design a failsafe to the machine, or an alternative way to get in and out of the basement. The next film could begin with Michael storming around the basement and using his intuition to find Laurie’s secret passage out of the basement.

Take into consideration how wily we’ve always known Michael Myers to be. One of the abilities that’s made him so successful as a movie serial killer is his instinct for how to get in and out of houses without arousing suspicion. Let us not forget he figured out that kitchen island was a secret entrance to the basement in practically no time at all. So finding that secret passage out of the basement shouldn’t be too much of a task for him.

Another possibility is that Michael could survive just by sheer luck - and we know he has previous in that respect. However, he survives the fire could very likely happen off screen and then be explained with a throwaway line. Remember, Halloween 2018 rewrote the ending to the 1978 original. Instead of Michael disappearing to who-knows-where, Dr. Loomis and the Haddonfield police tracked him down and took him into custody - and this is all revealed halfway through the movie in some exposition by Dr. Sartain. Going by that precedent, the next installment could very well begin with Michael simply having been saved from the wreckage by firefighters and taken to a hospital.

Now here’s a glorious idea: what if Halloween 2020 does indeed begin with Michael being taken to a hospital?

This would mirror the original sequel, Halloween 2, from 1981. This most recent Halloween was chockfull of elements lifted from previous films in the series. It was a collage of homages; a “colla-homage,” if you will. This next installment could very well continue with the motif of reversing the roles of Laurie and Michael; with the hunter become the hunted. If this is the case, Halloween 2020 could entail Laurie breaking into Haddonfield Memorial Hospital to finish what she started with Michael, just as Michael broke into the hospital to kill Laurie in the original Halloween 2. Wouldn’t. That. Be. Awesome!

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